Prisca Valentino

International Venture Creation & Effectuation

DBA Promotion Project

In recent years, effectuation (Sarasvathy, 2001, 2008) has gained prominence in the entrepreneurship literature as a theory/method for understanding and conceptualising entrepreneurial decision-making and action. Despite the breadth of findings related to effectuation and overall progress in the literature, significant gaps still exist in our understanding of entrepreneurial effectuation processes. 
The purpose of my DBA promotion project is to explore and investigate the entrepreneurial decision-making and action behaviour in the SME international opportunity process. Moreover, to develop a recommended “Good Practice” guideline for business executives to apply causal and effectual logics intertwined throughout the how-to internationalisation process. 
The aim is to explore and advance our understanding of effectuation by addressing the following questions: how are causal and effectual logics applied by business executives throughout the SME international opportunity process? What are the similarities and differences in the use of causal and effectual logic principles throughout the SME international opportunity process? 
This research is currently conducted via a qualitative cross-national comparative research in two different socioeconomic environments and country institutional profiles (Busenitz et al., 2000).