Prisca Valentino

(International) Entrepreneurship🚀Effectuation Method🍋Co-creative Entrepreneurship, & Design Science📐

Contemporary Entrepreneurship

Inspired by Saras D. Sarasvathy’s book «Shaping Entrepreneurship Research: Made, as Well as Found», my research focuses on a worldview in which the future is open-ended and shapeable through human action – i.e «made» - this reframes entrepreneurship as a science of the artificial rather than as a natural or social science. It posits an open-ended universe for the making of human artifacts even if large swathes of nature and society are not within the control of the people making them. 
Ideas are linked to thoughts about entrepreneurship and individual entrepreneurs in a world as being in-the-making and therefore makeable through human actions. Embracing entrepreneurship as a method of acting in the face of an uncertain and unpredictable future. Creating new ideas by focussing on classics such as Herbert. A. Simon, Julian L. Simon, Donald Davidson, and Friedrich August von Hayek. 

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